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Die Ethical Fashion in Berlin hat gezeigt, dass sich die "Vegane Mode" weiterentwickelt hat.


In den letzten Jahren in Deutschland bin ich immer naserümpfend an diesen "häßlichen" Schuh-, Kleider- und Taschenmodellen vorbei gegangen. Das wird sich nun ändern. Jetzt kann man sie kaufen ohne Abstriche machen zu müssen. Allerdings ist der positive Einfluss aus dem "Ausland" unübersehbar. Außerdem haben wir eine anspruchsvolle Jugend, die sich bewusst kleiden möchte ohne den Anspruch an gelungene Mode aufzugeben.


There is no need to be boring in producing vegan fashion!

About Marita Moreno

Marita Moreno is a Portuguese brand of fashion accessories, essentially handbags and shoes, for men and women, which uses natural materials in the design of their pieces. Our motto is to create special pieces from a creative design added of a very strong artisan component and the use of raw material and Portuguese labor in the production of our pieces. Our business is to offer our customer special pieces with history. From the SS18 collection we become sustainable because we believe in the breakdown of paradigms and the importance of growing consciously. We also have the philosophy to offer our customers what is unique, so all our models have the possibility of customization. The brand is already present in Portugal, England, Germany and the United States.

Marita Setas Ferro, who is Creative Director and Founder of Marita Moreno, has been working for several years as a consultant, training and teaching designers, artisans and creatives. Since 1996 she has had a very active role in non-profit associations related to art, culture, crafts and heritage, in a voluntarily and professionally way. She found her company in 2008 to gather her expertise in design, crafts and art, as well in fashion, while creating the brand Marita Moreno, with an unique and a ETHICAL perspective, in which the history of the products is fundamental for its definition as a "slow fashion" brand. Our products uses local and national endogenous resources, Portuguese or industrial and is constantly in search of how it can create and produce design objects with history that are used in everyday life. Ethics, transparency in the production and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY have always been intrinsic values to the brand. From the creation of the Vegan line we started to look at our environmental responsibility as a company and the importance of producing a sustainable way of thinking about the environment and the world we live in. It was a mindset changing for us.

Our models are made to last. We use QUALITY materials when producing our products for greater DURABILITY of the items and we add a timeless design that avoids fashion trends which would imply shorter life cycles to the products. Our VEGAN line is produced from natural materials. Essentially, we use 100% cotton organic textile, certified cork, burel and rubber for the soles. We don't use any animal component in the production of the pieces. Our UPCYCLING line is made from leftover materials in a circular economy approa- ch and our SUSTAINABLE line is made from leather without chromium, PU

and PVC.

We work with a craftsman, certified artisans who made handmade weaving especially for our brand and a small family factory and we have a CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with the suppliers who provide the raw material we use to make our products. Our COMMITMENT as a company is to use sustainable and ecological practices in the corporate culture within Marita Moreno thus minimizing the impacts generated in the environment from economic activities as well alert people to the way they consume and change habits and mentali- ties. To preserve our environment. Towards a better life. Contributing for a

better world.


Marita Setas Ferro, Designer and Creative Director of the brand, explains the reason for making her brand sustainable: "Ethics, transparency and social responsibility have always been intrinsic values in Marita Moreno. From the creation of the Vegan line, we begin to look at the importance we have as individuals and as a company in producing sustainably, taking into consideration our environment and the world we live in. "

And she adds on the close relationship with its suppliers: "We work with certified artisans who make weaving especially for the brand and with family companies, where the art of the craft passes through the generations, we have a close relationship with our suppliers of raw material. We have a commitment as a company to minimize the environmental impacts and not only, alerts people about the way they consume fashion products and the importance of knowing the provenance of these products "

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