Chapter 13 - Daydreaming -

Bella bends over the drawings. A shiver runs down her spine. It is so overwhelming to hold the fantasies of such a respected, but unfortunately very dead designer, in her hands. Lem is right about that. He was a Picasso. We are so lucky to be able to work with him, maybe posthumously. Since Bella became more involved with the environment, she couldn't get the thoughts out of her mind. She was so tired of German waste separation. You can no longer be proud of that. It was a sham. There is so much more to do!

And she is quite sure that she is right with Willem's designs. She only has to find out what was special about them, then the person who was responsible would become visible.

That's what she is dreaming. Today is a stupid day. The hoover is still not back. In the past weeks Bella had experienced a disaster with household appliances saying goodbye. A new washing machine was needed, a larger refrigerator and then the hoover had been sent for repair. The kitchen could not become clean, so far!

It will be an organization, who murdered Willem. Someone from industry who doesn't want a process that facilitates recycling or a sophisticated new material that replaces cotton. You know these cases: the solution to a problem had been developed a long time ago, but there was no need to use it!

And the next government in Berlin will be a GroKo again and nothing will change! No exit from the brown coal mining til presumably 2045. Then I am..., Bella calculates: dead or at least white-haired. And it is not surprising that the case wasn't solved yet! It was not so much difficult for us to investigate. But officially there were no results. Probably it is even reasonable that we have no contact to the police. They are certainly involved. A few bills grow over and the murder will never be solved. There is no difference between the Netherlands and Germany police. And soon the summer holidays are coming. After that the case will be forgotten.

But Willem-Jan wanted to set an example. He looked into the future and believed that it make sense to change things. But what was it? Lem made a fool of herself with that professor. But the fact of being suffocated in plastic also had something offensive, something repulsive. Should a woman want to murder like that? And the SM scene used stylistically only such disgusting rubber suits. Bella had inquired and googled photos. Nowadays the internet lets participate in everything. They had been terribly unaesthetic. Will these suits also get in the sea later on? Bella giggles.

No, she tries to get serious again. That all simply did not fit to Willem. Well, maybe he had fallen in love with his mentor. She will have also recognized his potential! She will have idolized him! Maybe she wanted to get his drafts in order to pretend them as her own? But that's what Lem wants to find out. Hopefully she doesn't do anything wrong, she is so careless sometimes.

Ah, she is just sending a text message:

I go underground, I was hunted! 



Chapter 14 -Politics-

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