Chapter 15 -There`s a hum-

Bella is sitting at the kitchen table and reflecting. She has two options:

To find out if anything had happened to Lem, she could contact her husband or the police.
Both means answering questions. Could be unpleasant.
If Lem went underground to avoid being persecuted, Bella might bring her into trouble by answering the questions.

That puts a risk to the "Picasso" in the loft. But in view of a possible kidnapping and her helplessness in some terrible cellar...


The Mauritius holiday they had been so looking forward transforms into a cold dungeon.

On the other hand Antje told about Piet. Would it really be possible that Lem has an affair?
Great, mutters Bella, how can I explain that to her husband?

The new vacuum cleaner, however, was fabulous. He hums quietly through the room and doesn't need any cables. The company apologized to Bella for the longer repair time and generously replaced the previous model, which had already given up after four years, with a new prototype. So there is more time for important things. Why doesn't Lem get back to me?

Unfortunately Bella read an article about an unknown female body swimming in the Nederrijn. Of course she didn't understand Dutch properly, but the time fit to the disappearance of Lem.

Bella's thoughts becomes as murky as the water of the river.

There`s a hum

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