Chapter 10 -So to say-

Lem: Yes, yes... it is certainly most honourable, but I am more convinced by the evidence of a failed relationship.

Bella: Lem, the pollution of the seas is a topic and Willem could become irreplaceable for all of us with his ideas. That was a hint from fate that we stumbled upon this murder.

Lem: But that's nonsense. He just had problems with his mistress. And then it happened. Plastic bag over his head. Finished! Now it even has become a fashionable accessory.

Bella: But we have a serious column, that has a responsibility.

Lem: It's obvious: ephemeral passion. That is a motif!

Bella: But that's up to the police to find out. We don't care anymore. We should think about the sustainability of fashion. That should be the priority of our blog. This is the way we will get more readers. Think about water consumption, only in the fashion industry sector, it will increase by 50% until 2030! That's unbelievable. We have to change something!

Lem: Nice! In your so-called future we will be much older than now. I don't want to hear the year 2030 again. I prefer to live in the here and now. You can't change everything. And certainly not by such a boring moralistic-acid blog that only deals with sustainability. Imagine if we are successful and solve this murder case? And in time, before 2030!

That is much more publicity for:





Bella: But the police is certainly one step ahead.

Lem: I'm not sure that they already know everything.

Bella: But you got the latest information from the newspaper, didn't you?

Lem: No!

Bella: What?

Lem: We got a mail.

Bella: Oh Lem, you are careless, we wanted to keep our incognito.

Lem: Under our BELLALEMONCELLAEmail.

Bella: I should have read that too.

Lem: Maybe you haven't looked in our spam folder for a long time.

Bella: And?

Lem: Some cryptic initials.


and the reference to a aged woman over 50.

Bella: Over 50? That's not old!

Lem: From today's point of view, she's almost mummified. When I think about how many neckerchiefs I already need to cover the wrinkles, I share this view.

Bella: Leeem!

Lem: The mail word-for-word made clear: Student had an affair with his 55 year old professor.

Bella: But aren´t you worried about it that someone is giving us a clue! If you'd just kept your hands off the drawings, we could contact the police.
We have to give them the tip anonymously!

Lem: No! Then we find out nothing! I'll follow that lead. You can still read articles about sustainability and responsibility in fashion. But that doesn't help us.

Chapter 11 -Enmeshed-

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