Chapter 2 -Take it easy--

Lem rather enjoys a cup of coffee than looking for a killer. That might be the best idea otherwise she could attract too much attention.

What a 

stupid idea. Lem makes a face. She doesn't have time anyway.

It is already after nine. And first of all the dog still have to go out and second as always she has nothing to wear. Maybe because of her huge selection? Of cause, not! No, it is the weather. Here in Rotterdam it is still quite fresh in the morning and therefore the question is appropriate: trousers or dress? Why has she been persuaded to go to Arnhem? And what to wear for a design school that is considered to be very extravagant? Is a second-hand dress really enough or must it be something provocative? Bella has told Lem about a blogger in a garbage bag at the Fashion Week in Berlin. But Lem doesn't want to attract attention like that, so she prefers something simple. You are never wrong with vintage. Countless handbags pile up on the bed in front of her. She doesn't want to take her Chanel bag, because afterwards they still say I'm a snob, she thinks. Exhausted, she sinks onto her purses. And what am I suppose to look for? Bella always believes it´s so easy. Sure, the goal is to write a spectacular article for


Well, I'm not doing that, too,


mutteres Lem. I only take a few photos and Bella can write the article.

A few hours later Lem parks in front of the ArtEZ and looks out of the window at the glass building. At least something very modern. Lem studied architecture and is happy about everything unconventional. Maybe it'll be a nice trip after all, but she can't stay too long because she has to prepare the lessons for tomorrow.

All right, let's go. Lem sets off resolutely. Some photos are taken quickly and she thinks of looking after the cafe.

Een lekker coffee met slagroom

that was her only goal now. So far, if you could call it research for an article, there was not much information that has come out yet. Neither there aren't a kind of memorial wall for the dead Willem-Jan van de Nelle, nor last goodbyes or pictures of his works. After all, he has become quite famous in the meantime. Maybe there are some roses of his admirers. That would certainly look nice on a photo. Write a sentimental obituary? Perhaps!

Lem smiles. Now I'm starting to dig in the dirt like a real bloody gossip journalist. Is that me? But capturing moods is important. For a exciting article you need some personal memories. A young hopeful star in the fashion heaven, who has a million follower likes on Instagram. Who sooner or later would probably have come into contact with drugs anyway and would have thrown himself into misfortune. This are the consequences of fame. Lem nods. Let's wait and see if some of his designs will shown next season by some other well-known designers. The fashion scene is full of copyists. In the end, nobody knew who had put the corset in the limelight first: Vivienne Westwood or Jean Paul Gautier. But no matter, Lem is only interested in Chanel anyway. But here and now she is in the talent factory. Let's see what trend foreseeing will bring. Suggestions are always useful.

A young couple has settled at the next table and Lem begins to listen to their conversation with interest. The both talk about the imminent deadline for their impromptu fetish collar. Well, that's the trend, Lem rejoices and swings around spontaneously.

Kapitel 3 -Tulips from Arnhem-

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