Chapter 4 -Mature women-

Goedendag, heer Boontje?     Hello. Mr Boontje?

Met wie speek ik?    Who's speaking, please?

Hier is Lem van BELLALEMONCELLA!     This is Lem of BELLALEMONCELLA!

Met wie?     Who?

We zijn een blog of website voor meer volwassen vrouwen boven de vijftig.    We are a blog or website for mature women over fifty.

Is dat een pornosite?    A porn site?

Nee, nee, nee. Nee, een site voor en over vrouwen meer dan vijftig!  No, no, no a page for and about women over fifty!

Ik denk niet, dat ik erbij hoor.    I guess I'm not really one of your target group!

Ja, ik weet dat ze een jonge man. Onze rapporten over mode.     I know, you are a young man. Our site reports about fashion.
Ook we willen op onze leeftijd komen prachtig fris en dus uh ... Ik bedoel zijn heup.     We also want to come across nice and fresh at our age and so ... I mean, we also want to attract attention furthermore.

O.K. Wilt u een donatie?     Ok. Are you collecting for a donation?

Nee, we schrijven over mode, dus de huidige mode, niet van gisteren, niet Coco Chanel. Nee, vandaag, zoals Vetements of zo! No, we write about fashion, the current fashion, not about yesterday's fashion, not about Coco Chanel. No, about today's fashion, like "Vetements" or something similar!

Ja en?     I see?

Ja, en toch zijn ze studeren aan de ArtEZ in Arnhem.     You are studying at the ArtEZ in Arnheim.

Ja, maar ik denk niet, dat er gastcolleges voor oude mensen zijn.    Yes, but I don't think there are any guest auditor lectures for senior citizens!

Maar we zijn geen senioren. Dit is één maar alleen met meer dan zestig.     But we are not old. That's not until you're over sixty.


We would like to write something about the designs of Willem-Jan van de Nelle.


The cause of death was so unusual. Suffocated in plastic waste. You can imagine that especially women of our age are very interested in recycling.


Ecological fashion is a current trend, and it is important to write about such delicate topics.

I found him!

Really? We were not sure about this. How did you find him? Of course, our readers would also like to know something about this.

How do you even get me? I don't want to remember.

I understand that you are now very upset again, but sometimes it is also important to talk about terrible things that nothing remains. Relive the trauma and get much better.

I do not know you!

We are really quite harmless mature ladies who have remained fresh in spirit and simply want some experiences again.

Chapter 5 -Fresh air-

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