Chapter 5 -Fresh air-


struggles on her bike. This good fresh air! In the end Piet had become quite trustful. And he had such a cheeky tone on the phone. So beautifully refreshing.

Lem, do you want to end up with a plastic bag over your head? It is still unclear who murdered Willem. Don't get involved with that strange boys, as attractive they may be. Willem worked during his holidays in a pub. This time there is no need to drive to Arnhem, it was here in Rotterdam. Piet remembered that in the end. Why did the poor boy work in a pub. Lem is really surprised about this. Fashion designers tend to work on fashion shows, like those in Milan or Paris.

She would love to be on a Chanel show. She feels such an inner connection with Karl Lagerfeld. Hopefully he will last a few more years. Chanel would be unthinkable without his genius. Who would be able to replace him? And Bella was wrong with her accusation because of Melania. After all, he also has to think about the turnover, he is responsible for many jobs. Fashion has nothing to do with politics! It is business, stupid!

Oh Paris, Paris and Karl.

"Well, you're out of breath, would you like a glass of water?" The pub owner looks sympathetic.

"I'm a journalist and work for a women's column for fashion," Lem says with a bright smile. "We're interested in the late fashion designer Willem-Jan van de Nelle, who worked here?" Lem is really starting to feel like an investigative journalist.

"And at your age, they still have to do the research themselves? But I don't want to get in trouble with the police ," explains the host.

Aha, somebody must have a illegal employment here and doesn't necessarily want to make that public. That can help me, Lem muses.

"Don't worry, we're only interested in what he was wearing. We don't have to report anything about the pub", Lem smiles charmingly.

"Wearing?". The man looks irritated.

"Yes, such a talented young designer doesn't present himself somehow. He always sets trends, even so he's working," explains Lem.

"For example in street style or boho or grunge!"

The bartender scratches his head in confusion.

"Maybe he wore a trench coat once, they're pretty in again," she continues. "Or such a wild jacket with flower pattern. Alessandro Michele from Gucci loves them." Lem blossoms when she can talk about fashion styles.

"Alessandro, no, I don't know him, he's never been here before," he says baffled.

Lem sighs resignedly. No one ever knows the greats of fashion after all.

"Well, I don't understand you. But you're welcome to look down in his locker. Maybe there's still something of his clothes. But as I said, I don't like the police here so much."

The barkeeper is quite nice, Lem thinks and nods very friendly.

Chapter 6 -An unexpected gift –

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