Chapter 6 -An unexpected gift-


Lem, are you crazy?" Bella doesn't want to calm down at all. She is sitting at the breakfast table, no matter how nice, and she doesn't want to believe it. This day starts very well.

"Because I found the lost drawings?"

"No! Bella rages and spills her coffee: "Because you took them."

"But only five."

"That's theft anyway," Bella screams.

"Oh dear, no one has been particularly interested in looking for them."

"That's not true. Nobody found them."

"But it's not my fault. I was just more successful than others!

"But you can't take it with you like that."

"A few still remained."

"How many?

"About twenty Bella, nobody will notice that when some are missing."

"And now?

"Now they are on their way to you."


"This is my birthday surprise for you. Now I've even told you."

"Are you crazy!"

"You already said that. There is nothing to it. Nobody knows about it. I thought you will be happy".

How kind!

"Look at this. The newspapers are overflowing with reports about the oeuvre of Willem-Jan van de Nelle. He became so incredibly famous after his death. All the fashion bloggers are overturning because of him. I believe that his original designs are still highly regarded."

"That's why it's so bad. You didn't tell Eric about it?"

"Of course not. Why should I?

"Haha, I can imagine he doesn't want to be married to a criminal."

"As I said, in a few months, until this all blows over, the designs are definitely worth their weight in gold and we can finally treat ourselves to a holiday on Mauritius."

I see!

"We haven't got a cent for the articles on BELLALEMONCELLA yet, not even a pair of shoes or a nice handbag like all the other bloggers. I'm telling you, it's our age. We're not important anymore. And so we`ll make a lot of money."

"By selling your stolen goods?"

"We just have a Picasso in the attic now."

"And the barkeeper?"

"I wrapped him around my little finger, he didn't notice anything."

"Well, if that's true."

Chapter 7 -Bella`s birthday-

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