Chapter 7 -Bella`s birthday-


Bella and her friends sit at a nicely laid table with flower napkins, cakes and lots of sparkling wine. The birds chirp, the bees hum. Even the sun is shining! Everything is as it should be!

Cheers! Hurray for getting older!

"I'm working on a new exciting matter," Bella reports.

Is this another weird idea?

How did this nude photo shoot, like Halle Berry's?

All her friends keep a strict eye on Bella.

"Those weren't simple nude photos.They are photographs of great artistic worth with semitransparent tops. And that was only meant to demonstrate how good women of our age may look.

If they want to," Bella argues.

"I don't care so much about my good-looking," B says.

I think I'm beautiful anyway, D thinks.

I want to be twenty again, G dreams.

"In Russia there are the most beautiful women," V tells.

"You can't carry everything at our age anymore," S. believes.

"Says my daughter, too," U announces.

"With my big feet I'll never find beautiful shoes," R explains.

"Everything must be comfortable," A says.

"That's not the point," Bella emphasizes.

"It is about a murder investigation!

All her friends look at each other, sigh briefly and... But, however, today it is Bella's birthday...

"Well, probably something for BELLALEMONCELLA again. Are you writing a thriller," D asks.

"You shouldn't do that, there are so many doing it," S says.

"I don't have any time looking in the Internet in the evening," B announces.

"I'm not interested in crime thrillers," G explains.

"Too much blood," V shakes herself.

"Maybe you do better writing a garden blog," U. says.

"Yes, about roses, then I would also look at such a blog," R is very pleased with that subject.

"Oh, I don't know," A asks, "is it worth it?

"But it really happened."


"No, in Arnhem, in a fashion design school."



The interest slows significantly. There is something more important to discuss: the election results in France. In particular, to evaluate the boyish appearance of Macron and the age of his wife. The opinions are as always different.

Later at dinner, by the way, there are crepes with salmon, asparagus risotto and the leftovers of the cake, Bella tries again.

"We even held the drawings of the prominent dead fashion designer Willem-Jan van de Nelle in our hands".

Never heard.

Nevertheless Bella talks about the exciting circumstances of his death and also explains the importance of current recycling trends.

"The murderer certainly took the drafts?", S presumes.

"But if there are trend scouts, then there are definitely trend hunters," B analyses.

"Aren't you afraid ?" D asks.

"Because of the Russian fashion mafia, for example," V explains.

"These designs certainly contain all pollutants!" G warns.

"But recycling all plastic from the sea is important!", R tells.

"For safety's sake, I would talk to the police!", U says.

"It would be too exciting for me!", A turns pale.

And I should call Lem tomorrow, Bella thinks.

Chapter 8 -A nightmare-

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