Chapter 8 -A nightmare-

Lem has been woken up by a noise.

What is that?

She looks around.

A car headlight lights up in her bedroom.

Her husband sleeps quietly beside her and snores. 

Typical of him.

She tosses and turns.

Fashion mafia, such nonsense!

Bella called in the evening and reported about her birthday with her friends.

First she made a lot of fuss and then she told them everything!

This little creep doesn't spoil my Mauritius holiday.

And at all. Everything is only gossip.

It is important not to lose the track and to act well.

Be more precise, negotiate clever, potential buyers may be found.

Would Chanel even be interested?

But Karl and plastic.

Not really imaginable.

Although, he moves with the times.

What ideas he always develops, unbelievable!

Next to her, tree trunk after tree trunk is sawn.

Actually a calming sound.

But Lem remains restless.

Maybe I should focus on sheep counting to get back to sleep.

Kapitel 9 -Morning-after feeling-

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